Drag Wheels Recycling Program
For years Drag Wheels has been committed to becoming an environmentally responsible partner. From our high standards of quality, partnerships with greener manufacturing facilities and our own complete energy self sufficient warehouse facility, Drag Wheels has been making strides in reducing its ecological footprint and being an environmentally responsible citizen.

To further our commitment, we have created the Drag Wheels Recycling Program to help extend the life of the aluminum material used to produce our wheels. Along with greatly benefiting the environment, the recycling program also affords our end-users to have an opportunity to replace discontinued, damaged and unrepairable Drag wheels to avoid having to purchase a whole new set of wheels. This way our end-users could prolong the life of and continue to enjoy their original Drag wheels purchase.

Each wheel returned through the recycling program will earn a substantial credit to be used towards the purchase of the new replacement wheel. All returns and new purchases will be processed through Drag Wheels directly.

14” wheel - $35 credit
15” wheel - $40 credit
16” wheel - $55 credit
17” wheel - $60 credit
18” wheel - $65 credit
19” wheel - $70 credit
20” wheel - $75 credit

Please contact our customer service department to initiate a recycling program purchase.


Customer Service • 1.916.374.8888 • sales@dragwheels.com